PixelDungeon Prayers

PixelDungeon Prayers for Android is our take on the classic Rogue genre.

Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike game with pixel-art graphics and simple interface.

Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items, fight fierce monsters to find Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) - the ultimate artifact of this game world.

*From Wikipedia: "Roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing video games, characterized by random level generation, tile-based graphics and permanent death."

Many people consider this game very difficult and luck-based. Anyway, you will die often. You are warned! :)

Note that PixelDungeon Prayers is slightly easier version of the original. But you will still die. A lot!

I enjoyed it very much...Fantastic Idea. Thank you for your hard work

Adrian W
PixelDungeon Prayers